The Radio Game

Learn some serious disaster preparedness training & have rambunctious fun with your neighbors!  Be a unicorn on a walkie-talkie!

walki talkie

PhinneyWood Hubs – has devised an exercise which is educational and entertaining! Learn how to use a walkie-talkie, while saving the fairy princess from the evil wizard! Practice radio net procedures, while fending off the dragon’s fiery breath! Collaborate with your fellow responders, transform into a unicorn, and gallop into the sunset bedecked in rays of glory!

The game will be fun, and the point is for you to get hands-on time with a radio, and figure out how to get messages to other stations when time and circumstances are pressing. If you have a walkie-talkie, bring it. (Check the batteries.) If you don’t, they’ll have a collection to share.

Date:  Monday, February 15, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Location:  Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church, 7500 Greenwood Ave. N, in the Fellowship Hall downstairs (enter in back).

Future Training Opportunity  

On Saturday, June 11, Phinneywood Hubs will hold an all-neighborhood earthquake drill (see this blog post). They’ll be testing the “Neighborhood Net,” which will incorporate the walkie-talkie training and people who know how to use them. Come and be a unicorn! Glory awaits!

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