Doggy Droppings & the Neighbor’s Waste Bins

bin 1Is it alright to drop pet waste in a neighbor’s garbage bin?  This is a conversation that has come up several times on our neighborhood communication boards, including West Woodland Neighbors and Nextdoor. People appear divided on the issue, some saying the poop packages are a violation of private property, and others welcoming the doggy droppings in their waste disposal container.

So what’s a dog owner to do?

Treat you neighbor’s garbage bin as their private property. You wouldn’t store items in their garage without permission, so why would you use their waste bin without asking first. I understand that you bagged it up and don’t want to haul it home, especially on an extra long walk, but that little gift bag of dog feces may be an unwanted addition to the bottom of their empty can, stinking up the joint until next week’s waste collection.

Bags break. They malfunction, they leak, when it gets hot they expand & explode. Think about that for a moment. Our waste bin sat in the driveway while we were enjoying a week away, and on our return we found the bottom full of bagged dog poop.  Several inches of pet waste had been deposited and unfortunately for us, one bag had leaked.  The smell was terrible, it was gag worthy, and we had to clean it all up.  Yuck.

If you still feel there is nothing wrong with using your neighbor’s garbage bin, why not ask them?  Go up to the front door, ring the bell, and see what they say. You may be surprised and find out they are happy to share trash space, but you may also be told to get packing. That is, packing your poop home.

One more piece of advice, don’t put dog waste in the compost bin.  Dog waste is NOT compostable and it should only be placed in the garbage.