Spring Clean NW 65th Street!

SPRING CLEAN 2016 banner 02

Join your neighbors for West Woodland’s annual Spring Clean on NW 65th Street.

Meet at Cafe Bambino, 405 NW 65th Street, at 9:00 am and then head off in groups as we help improve the neighborhood by picking up litter on NW 65th, from 3rd Ave NW to 8th Ave NW.

Please bring:
1. Gloves
2. Pickers
3. Wagons — to carry full garbage bag

We will provide bags, vests, and lot’s of fun! Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the event date.

They Wanna Rock… Help make it happen!


2016 School of Rock Band

An talented group of kids from the Seattle School of Rock (SOR) will be representing Washington State at SummerFest 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The group consists of 11 local teens, including one West Woodland Neighbor, Eli Bolan.

The group is planning a tour of Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin from July 7th – 11th, but they need your help to make this trip happen.  The band has put together a GoFundMe account, asking friends, neighbors, and music lovers to chip in and help make their dream come true.  Click HERE to donate!

What will donations cover?

Donations will help cover the expense of transportation, lodging and group fees – about $3,000 per person. While this is a SOR organized event, the kids are responsible for organizing travel and fundraising. These expenses are not only for the families, but are fees associated with SOR and an instructor that will be travelling together. The band as well as the parents, appreciate your support.

This year’s SOR band includes:

~ Emmett Lucas – guitar/bass
~ Eli Bolan – drums
~ Lucas Mabry-Smith – drums/vocals
~ Mira Fogelsonger – vocals/keys
~ Henry Gilchrest – guitar
~ Christian Hutter – guitar
~ Gwen Meyers – bass
~ Max Pennington – bass/guitar
~ Owen Selwyn – vocals/guitar
~ Lukas Svetich – guitar
~ Harold Wilkinson – vocals

About SummerFest 2016:

Summerfest 2016 is the worlds largest music festival and these kids will be sharing the same stage with acts like Buddy Guy, Flaming Lips, Public Enemy, The Kooks and even Paris Hilton DJ’ing – Yup, you read that right, but don’t let that stop you from donating. Click HERE to donate.


For Sale: Seattle Street Signs


Own an old Seattle street sign! As the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) installs new street signs, the old ones are made available to the public for $5 – $15 (depending on sign and condition). Whether it’s Market, Myrtle, or Palatine, residents can buy a piece of history.

Signs that are currently available can be purchased at the City’s Surplus Warehouse. For additional information please visit: http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/buy_a_sign.htm

The warehouse is located at:
3807 Second Ave. South

Hours open to the public:
11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Monday – Friday (closed holidays)

Time To Retire – Ballard Bookcase is Closing.

Ballard BookcaseDriving by Ballard Bookcase1101 NW Ballard Way, it’s hard to miss the ‘For Sale’ sign attached to the peak of the main building. The sign has been aloft for almost a year asking interested buyers to call CBRE.  One recent rainy Thursday, I stopped in to find out what was happening with the building.  My fear was that the property owner was giving Ballard Bookcase the boot so they could lease the location for a higher price or sell to a developer. I was wrong… sort of. In this case the owners were also the hard working, small business entrepreneurs behind Ballard Bookcase – Carol & David Entrikin.

Carol was in the shop when I dropped by and she shared with me that they were excited about life’s next chapter.  By my March 10th visit, the building was already pending sale, and the pair were planning their relaxing retirement together. Think sandy beaches and margaritas.  She didn’t tell me how much the new owners had agreed to pay, but the real estate listing shows an asking price of $3.2 Million for this 10,000 square foot parcel. Who’s moving in?  She didn’t tell me that either, but she did mention “breweries” several times during our conversation.  Dropping hints?

A Bit of History: 

In the 1970s, Carol & David were living on Capitol Hill, raising their family and commuting to Ballard each day for work at their antique store, Al’s Second Hand. The shop was located in the Sanborn Building at 5323 Ballard Ave. NW.  Customers were constantly asking for bookcases, so David went to Sears and bought a table saw and started making them by hand.  As soon as one hit the sales floor, a customer would purchase it.  That was 1980 and gradually the bookcase business became their primary source of income. They closed the antique store and moved to their current location in 2003.  The building was so large that the couple decided to live there as well, and the second floor became their home.  David has been building bookcases for schools, libraries, and private homes for 25 years.  You can see some of his work HERE.

One Giant Moving Sale:

They didn’t sell everything when they closed the antique store, but instead stored much of it at Ballard Bookcase.  Now that the property is sold, Carol told me that everything needed to go. She gave me a tour of the building, including the woodworking room where she was creating a floor to ceiling display of many of the antiques she had saved.  The books, china, and other home goods will all be sold during the Ballard Bookcase Moving Sale, April 1st – 3rd.  They will also be auctioning off the woodworking equipment sometime in mid-April. Their last official day open for business is April 2nd.  Once the official announcement is posted to their webpage, I will update here as well.

Thank You Carol & David:

Carol & David have been members of the Ballard small business community for 40 years and will be missed.  When the doors close in April and the sign is removed from the building, I’ll smile knowing that these business owners closed up shop on their own terms, and did very well in the end.  Congratulations on your retirement!

SPD: Increase In Car Prowls

The following message was received 03/15/2016 from the Seattle Police Department regarding increase in car prowls.

To date there have been almost 3000 car prowls in the city for 2016. This number is up more than 500 from last year.

We have identified some repeat locations and created a graphic for this week’s SeaStat meeting.

There are some simple ways to lower the chance of having your car broken into.

1. Remove all your valuables.
2. That gym bag full of dirty clothes from today’s workout, toss it in the trunk. A bad guy just sees a bag to steal.
3. Before leaving your parked car, always remove the keys, roll up the windows and lock the car.
4. If your car is stored in a carport or parked near your house, leave your exterior lights on throughout the night.
5. If you park your car in a dark or isolated area, consider the City Light Area Lighting Program, which permits additional light fixtures to be placed on existing poles. The cost is less than $5 per month per light. Call (206) 684-3000 for more information.

Finally, if you find yourself the victim of a car prowl either call police or report it online at: http://www.seattle.gov/Police/report/default.htm

Without a report we can’t track crime and direct patrols into the area to stop emerging crime trends.

The Major Crimes Task Force continues to investigate these crime trends and we will keep you updated as noteworthy cases are closed.


Vote Now – Thank A West Woodland School Teacher

ww - school - farmers 2

Help bring much needed grant money to West Woodland Elementary, in West Woodland, Ballard, through Farmers Insurance Thank America’s Teachers Program.

Farmers Insurance will give away more than $1 million to almost 200 teachers in 2016 and you can help determine which teachers receive these special awards.  Send a BIG thank you note to the inspirational teachers at West Woodland Elementary  by voting for their proposals HERE.

Please cast your vote for one of the following West Woodland Elementary Teachers:

Voting is open NOW until March 31, 2016.  You can vote for up to 6 teachers per day, EVERYDAY!  So vote early & vote often neighbors!

ww - vote

Ballard’s Fire Station 18 Dedication and Open House

The Open House and dedication for the new fire station opening in Ballard is scheduled for Saturday, April 2, 2016, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  This is an opportunity for the community to tour the fire station and meet our local firefighters who serve the Ballard neighborhoods, including West Woodland. Additional information about this event can be found HERE.


Fire Station 18 conceptual drawing, courtesy SSF Engineering.  

About the Station

Originally built in 1974, Station 18 is located at 1521 NW Market St. and is the lead station for Battalion IV, which covers most of northwest Seattle. The station houses a large number of functions. Its core operations comprise an engine company (E18), a ladder unit (L8), a medic unit (M18) and a battalion chief unit. It houses a number of reserve units as well, including a reserve battalion chief unit, a reserve ladder unit and a reserve medic unit. The station houses one of the Department’s two hose wagons. These wagons, converted from older engines, are capable of laying and pumping water through 6,000 feet of hose.

This is not the original location for Station 18.  The station was once located at 5427 Russell Avenue NW, now home to Hi-Life Restaurant.

fire station 18

Fire Station 18, dated 1969.  Courtesy Seattle Municipal Archives, #77738.

About the Project

Originally  funded by Fire Facilities and Emergency Response Levy Program approved by Seattle voters in 2003, this project is one of the last Seattle stations to be renovated. The project improvements included a seismic upgrade, renovation of interior spaces and additions. There is now individual bunk rooms for all crew members, light- and temperature-controlled bunker gear storage, and expanded maintenance facilities.  Learn more about the project HERE.

The station is has been operating out of a temporary location at 4733 Shilshole Ave. NW. since January 2015.