Meet The Makers

hairstream eventHairstream and Saltbox Designs invite you to “Meet The Makers” on Saturday, December 19 from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM at their retail locations in the West Woodland Neighborhood.

The event will feature artists, authors, crafts vendors, and live music. It’s the last neighborhood festival to shop for gifts before the Christmas holiday.  Don’t miss out!

A short list of who you can expect to see: Frida Clements Creative, Amy Hevron Studio, Kim BerkleyGhosts I’ve Met, Tomo Nakayama.  

Come and fill your totes with the fruits of their labors and be the most merrymaker yourself!

Location:  6256 3rd Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117
Date:  Saturday, December 19, 2015
Time:  4:00 PM – 8:00 pm
More Details:

No matter what you are celebrating this holiday, keep your buying power local.  More of the money you spend in the neighborhood, stays in the neighborhood.