Intensive Litter Clean-Up Coming To Ballard

Ballard Trash 02

On Friday, July 1st Mayor Ed Murray announced an action plan to help make Seattle’s Chinatown-International District safer.  Included in this blog post, about four paragraphs down, Mayor Murray also writes:

“In recognition of the significant impacts of heavy litter on quality of life in the neighborhood and the strong correlation between heavy litter and public safety concerns, Murray announced that the City will launch a new intensive litter clean-up program. The program will be piloted in two neighborhoods, the Chinatown-International District and Ballard. Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) will increase litter pick-up with bi-weekly clean-up crews, install more trash bins on the street and increase community engagement to speed response to illegal dumping.”

For neighbors who have experience trash dumping outside their homes, looks like help is on the way!  Seattle Public Utilities will increase pick-up with crews on the streets bi-weekly. The utility will quickly respond to illegal dumping and install more garbage cans.

No start date was included in the Mayor’s announcement.  Until then, please continue to report issues of illegal dumping to Seattle Public Utilities.  Fill out and submit the Illegal Dumping Report Form or call (206) 684-7587 to report problems on public property.