North Precinct Advisory Council Meeting: July 6

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You are invited to the North Precinct Advisory Council meeting happening Wednesday, July 6 from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm at North Seattle College.

The North Precinct Advisory Council is a community organization devoted to promoting partnership between residents, schools, businesses, and the Seattle Police Department to effectively address public safety issues.

From the North Precinct Advisory Council:

“Our purpose is to establish a mechanism by which the community may
communicate its concerns to the Police Department and City Government, and
may do its part in dealing with those concerns, and enhancing public safety in the
North Seattle Precinct. Council members will have the opportunity to express
their views and offer suggestions on how the Precinct and the community can
improve the delivery of police service in the community. The Council may
engage in advocacy regarding public safety. The Council also serves as a channel
to disseminate information from the North Precinct staff to Council members and
their organizations.”

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SPD - July agenda

North Precinct Open House: 01/23/2016

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Concept drawing of new North Precinct

The Seattle Police Department is hosting an open house on Saturday, January 23, 2016 to discuss the current status of the new North Precinct police station at Aurora Avenue North and North 130th Street. They will provide updates on the project’s status, preliminary designs, and proposed construction schedule.

Date:  Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016
Time:  10 a.m. to noon
Location:  Bitter Lake Community Center Annex at Broadview Thomson Elementary
Address:  13040 Greenwood Ave. N., Seattle

Additional information about the new North Precinct station, including schedule, building design, and budget, is available at:  spd