Difficult Conversations

001On Monday, March 21st, students arriving for class at Whittier Elementary School were greeted by graffiti that was both sexist & racists. Today, The Stranger reported that a Greenwood family woke to find a racial slur spray painted on the side of their vehicle. What’s going on here?

West Woodland has seen it’s own share of sexist, racist, and profane graffiti. Last August someone used chalk to tag the elementary school playground with racist language and phallic symbols. The neighborhood was outraged, and we wondered what could we do.

It’s often hard to talk about race, especially when you’re an individual who identifies as white. The Phinney Neighborhood Association is hosting a series of FREE conversations for neighbors to attend. The next class is happening on April 20th, learn more here:http://www.phinneycenter.org/conversations/index.html