They Wanna Rock… Help make it happen!


2016 School of Rock Band

An talented group of kids from the Seattle School of Rock (SOR) will be representing Washington State at SummerFest 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The group consists of 11 local teens, including one West Woodland Neighbor, Eli Bolan.

The group is planning a tour of Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin from July 7th – 11th, but they need your help to make this trip happen.  The band has put together a GoFundMe account, asking friends, neighbors, and music lovers to chip in and help make their dream come true.  Click HERE to donate!

What will donations cover?

Donations will help cover the expense of transportation, lodging and group fees – about $3,000 per person. While this is a SOR organized event, the kids are responsible for organizing travel and fundraising. These expenses are not only for the families, but are fees associated with SOR and an instructor that will be travelling together. The band as well as the parents, appreciate your support.

This year’s SOR band includes:

~ Emmett Lucas – guitar/bass
~ Eli Bolan – drums
~ Lucas Mabry-Smith – drums/vocals
~ Mira Fogelsonger – vocals/keys
~ Henry Gilchrest – guitar
~ Christian Hutter – guitar
~ Gwen Meyers – bass
~ Max Pennington – bass/guitar
~ Owen Selwyn – vocals/guitar
~ Lukas Svetich – guitar
~ Harold Wilkinson – vocals

About SummerFest 2016:

Summerfest 2016 is the worlds largest music festival and these kids will be sharing the same stage with acts like Buddy Guy, Flaming Lips, Public Enemy, The Kooks and even Paris Hilton DJ’ing – Yup, you read that right, but don’t let that stop you from donating. Click HERE to donate.