Requesting Membership: West Woodland Neighbors Private Facebook Group

Updated: 06/25/2018

Thank you for your interest in joining the West Woodland Neighbors Facebook group.  Our group is a private group, meaning only verified individuals may join.  Here’s how to get verified.


First determine your eligibility to join. If the following applies, you may be able to join this group:

  • Are you an adult who lives in Ballard’s West Woodland neighborhood (see map)? If you said, “YES”, please click the JOIN button here.

If you don’t live in Ballard’s West Woodland neighborhood, but one of the following applies, you may be eligible to join as well.

  1. Does your child attend a school in the neighborhood (ie: West Woodland Elementary, Saint Alphonsus School, etc.)?
  2. Are you a teacher at a school in the neighborhood?
  3. Do you own/ represent a small business in Ballard’s West Woodland neighborhood? This includes churches and non-profits as well. One person per organization.

A map of Ballard’s West Woodland neighborhood is located below and online: .


Once you have determined your eligibility, make sure to click “Join Group”. We can’t add you otherwise.  Link:


Please send us a message and let us know how you are eligible.  Once we have received a message from you, we’ll verify the information you have provided.  Once confirmed, you will be accepted into the group.

Message via Facebook!  Visit and click “send email”

OR…  Message us via email at

Want to speed up the process?

  • Take a picture of a utility bill, showing your name & address, and send that to us for instant verification!
  • Are you a small business owner or representative?  Please message us your business contact information (Business name, address, website).
  • Finally, does your child attend a school in the neighborhood?  Send us the grade level and teachers name.


Read the post PINNED to the top. It’s required for all members, and will answer your questions about what’s appropriate to post, and why a post may have been deleted.


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